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  • What is Business VoIP?

    Business Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) changes your high-speed Internet service into a phone line. It works virtually the same way your regular phone line does, has a wide selection of features available to you and can be used with a standard phone set. Plus it’s less expensive!

    Business VOIP Wholesale Services

    TAM Investor offers a business wholesale A-Z call termination, with a primary focus on global call routing facilities. Our carrier class infrastructure includes IP termination and origination with offerings such as DIDs, toll free numbers, and phone number porting. Our Wholesale VOIP services are ideal for Small-medium businesses, Home offices, Multi-location businesses, Resellers or any VoIP service provider.

    We’re completely dedicated to the highest quality customer service. Whether it’s training and turn up support for your new Hosted PBX system, a question on your bill, or help restoring service, our team is committed giving the support you need so you can get back to business.

Key Features

No matter how sophisticated your need, our voice engineering team has the expertise to deliver a reliable, high quality solution.

Unlimited Lines

Our plans are based on a per-user basis which means no more busy signals.

Hosted PBX

Avoid expensive equipment and technician visits with Hosted PBX.

Remote Team Access

Route calls between various locations & remote staff.

Keep Your Number

We can port both local and toll-free telephone numbers with ease.

Professional Greeting

Create a branded experience for customers when they call.

Departments & Extensions

Make your business look massive with departments and extensions.

VOIP Wholesale Services

TAM Investor routes millions of international voice minutes from other carriers through state of the art switching platform. TAM Investors provides you a trusted, quality voice termination benefits that will associate you through the world.

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