• About TAM Investors GmbH

    Headquartered in Düsseldorf, TAM Investors GmbH is a privately held company, founded in 2013 by an experienced team in the telecommunication and computer technologies sphere. TAM Investors offers a top notch Wholesale VoIP Termination of the international telecommunication traffic. We are happy to offer our clients with a financially savvy whoelsale VoIP termination rates for worldwide calls to any edge of the world. TAM Investors terminates a huge quantities of wholesale VoIP activity around the world. In light of our sufficient telecom movement in discount minutes, we can offer you the best global rates on the aggressive market, thus you can without much of a stretch spare an expansive sum as our reseller partner.

    TAM Investors provides wholesale VoIP termination through customary PSTN interconnections with numerous elective world's leading telecommunication carriers. Its own particular on-line call routing process applies for every incoming call in the highest-quality route for the instant calling offers. As the outcome TAM Investors is in a position` to supply the most effective quality-cost balanced VoIP call Termination service on the market:the most financially savvy rates offered for the wholesale call routes! The company also offers Wholesale supply of electronic products -Let us provide you with the technology you’ve been waiting for. Businesses have too many disparate communication services and hopelessly scattered contacts. TAM Investors simplify all this by integrating those services, contacts and conversations into one place!

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