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We empower businesses to communicate more effectively with their customers.

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One of the best VOIP services in the call termination market,
TAM Investors offers a number of voice termination rates

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We provide a business wholesale A-Z termination with a primary focus on global call routing facilities

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  • What We Offer

    TAM Investor provides wholesale VoIP termination through the very latest VoIP infrastructure supported by real time 24 / 7 support through our German hubbing data centers. We are viewed as one of the most diverse and flexible up to the minute wholesale players in the market place, we are interconnected to many of the world's leading telecommunication carriers. The company also offers Wholesale supply of electronic products which again we are market leaders with cutting edge technology and razor sharp pricing that gives us the edge over the competition- so let us embrace you with the latest technology you’ve been waiting for coupled with customer support and reliability. Our reputation and presence in the market place is already known throughout Germany we are a highly reputable organisation known for its reliable and dependable services.

    Our mission is to provide unmatched quality, stability, security, and rates by using the best equipment and technology available in today’s marketplace. We trust that by utilizing the most up-to-date technology, we are able to provide a superior product to the consumer, thereby capturing significant market share. We are focused on ensuring that our customers are able to do that in a way that is both dependable and cost effective. With experienced leadership, an entrepreneurial focus and the power of its global network, TAM Investor products are positioned so well in the market place we know this will carry the company strongly into the future markets.

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VOIP Wholesale Services

TAM Investor routes millions of international voice minutes from other carriers through state of the art switching platform. TAM Investors provides you a trusted, quality voice termination benefits that will associate you through the world.

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Why TAM Investors?

TAM Investor offers a complete selection of wholesale services for Carriers and Enterprises. Whether you’re launching a new VoIP company or looking to reduce costs of existing telecom services, you won’t find a more complete product suite.


Provides reliability with a highly redundant platform to guarantee our services.


All protocols and codecs are supported. 24x7 network monitoring of our Tier-1 network infrastructure.


Buy and Sell wholesale origination and High-quality, end-to-end termination services.

Ideal Partner

TAM Investor is ideal for VoIP provider endeavor that demands functionality, scalability and world class, network architecture.

Business Communication Solutions

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Business Wholesale

TAM Investor offers a business wholesale A-Z call termination, with a primary focus on global call routing facilities. Our services are ideal for Small-medium businesses, Home offices, Resellers or any VoIP service provider.

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SIP Trunking

TAM Investors deliver powerful functionality to your new or existing phone system, helping to reduce your phone and internet costs with competitive rates and one plan for voice and data.

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VOIP Termination

VoIP call termination is used to refer to the procedures that are used for routing telephone calls from one provider to the next provider until the call has been routed to the last telephone company.

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